Wendy’s Fur Baby Day

2 Years ago today, I shared a photo on my personal Facebook page of my best girl Dusty who is my fur baby and asked others to share photos of their pets because they all deserve some love.  Afterall, they’re important members of our families right?

So today I thought I would share a recent photo of my 10 year old Miniature Schnauzer again in the hope that others will share the joy that their fur babies bring.  If, like me, your pets are your world, you’ll understand the complete and utter joy they can bring to your lives.

So what do you say? 

Can we make 14th July an annual ‘Share Your Fur Baby Day’?

What is it about our pets that brings so much joy?

My dog Dusty gets me out the house on long walks, whatever the weather.  She makes me laugh and smile with the small things she does.  She stares at me when I eat and makes me rush my food and feel guilty for not giving her any.  She lays down with legs looking like a frog.

She runs and barks in her sleep which is the cutest thing ever.  She takes up all the bed so I have to hang my legs out the side.  She always sings to me when I come home to her.  She tilts her head in the cutest way ever when she hears funny noises.  She’s petrified of fireworks and is unconsolable.  She sneezes repetadly when she wants to go for a walk.

Dusty sits in the garden looking into the distance like a small meditating Buddha.  She watches the TV and follows the movements with full concentration.  She sits on my lap when she wants something.  She gives a high 5 or a handshake for a treat.  When she’s hot she will roll around on her back on the grass or rub her face and back along walls on walks.

Dusty is full of character and I wouldn’t change her for the world.

So much more than pets.

Our fur babies are members of our families and they aren’t lucky to have us – we’re lucky to have them in our lives.  I’ve always grown up around pets (dogs, hamsters, fish, budgies, goats – yet, I did say pet goats), and I know that lots of us have pets that have had to leave us to take their own journey over Rainbow Bridge which is the most heart breaking thing thing.  I’ve never been able to read any Rainbow Bridge poerms without the tears flowing down my cheeks.  But we have to remember the amazing times we shared with them and joy they gave us which filled our hearts.

So today, let’s see some photos of your fur babies and remember those who are playing together over Rainbow Bridge.


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