Caramac Hot Chocolate

Welcome Caramac lovers!  You may have seen my post where I shared my delicious Caramac cake recipe with you all, but prepare yourselves as now I’m going to share my new Caramac hot chocolate recipe for a truly indulgent treat this Easter (or any day you’re feeling naughty!)

Not only is this REALLY naughty, it’s also super easy to make.

Behold the ultimate caramel sugar overload!


100ml Double (or heavy) Cream
250ml Whole (full fat) Milk
75g Caramac


1 Piece of Caramac Chocolate


Heat the double cream in a non-stick saucepan and take off the heat just before it boils.

Break up the Caramac chocolate and add to the hot cream.

Leave to melt for around 5 minutes.  Mix together and allow to cool.

Pour in the whole milk and gently heat, stirring constantly.

Enjoy then brush your teeth! 😉



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